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Control swimming pool water

Entwicklung einer der App „Waterflow“ zur Kontrolle der hydrologiosche Abläufe in öffentlichen und privaten Bädern. Die Wasserqualität muss in öffentlichen Schwimmbäder am Tag drei mal kontrolliert werden. In dieser App werden die Messwerte über Blue Tooth übertragen oder per Hand eingetragen und an 3 unabhängigen Stellen gespeichert. 

With these new App its possible to show big Date with recursion in 3D, for a better understanding. With sliders you can simulate worst case scenarios in a very simple form, clear and transparent.

Data visualization 

Duddels TV free

15 computer-animated short movies of about 5 minutes of length for children between 3 and 8 are waiting for you. 
This is the premium version of our app with offline access to all our movies.

Duddels TV 

15 computer-animated short movies of about 5 minutes of length for children between 3 and 8 are waiting for you. Enjoy.

Duddels Trumpf

Here they are again!The Duddels!And this time,they reshuffled the cards!There are 32 cards in total and all of them have their own strengths!You will get 16 of them,and that's exactly how much will be given to ... well, who, actually?

Fourteen great pictures each with four levels of difficulty are awaiting to be solved by you. You think: “No big deal!”? Sit tight! Three times three is for beginners, four times four for advanced and five time five for experts among you. But who dares to manage the highest level, the masterlevel of ten times ten?!

Duddels Ziiip!

What is in the program this time? Simply put, our five friends want to make themselves unforgettable! Unforgettable? Exactly! How? With your help! There is hardly anybody who doesn’t know how you play Memory, but can you also remember our five friends and their world just as well? Find out!

Duddels TipTap

Duddels ABC

The start is easy, just find the pairs of letters and numbers that go together. For you to do that, the Duddels brought together a fun mix of small and capital, printed and handwritten letters and numbers. What is more, this is not only for your eyes but your ears as well. If you want to, you can listen to each letter and memorize it even quicker!

'Lock in Place' is a geometric puzzlegame, which calls and trains your abilty to identify and match geometrical shapes. With nine gamemodes nine levels each everyone finds its masterlevel. A simple game to relaxe and unwind, but also a good training for young and older people.

Lock In Place!

Good days start with sunshine and the pleasant fragrances of spring! Today is no such day. Not only has the coffee run out, no, your Piranha is going crazy. In an outburst of rage, it has leaped into the neighbouring aquarium where there are some sweet, small, colourful and pretty damn tasty Guppies. What now?


That VICOM - Editor was developed by order of arge tp21 from WFP Audio-Video-Production together with INOAGE, 2007-2010. Vicom stands for Visual Components. The programme Vicom is a form of software that enables the realistic creation of threedimensional, dynamic road traffic situations. Just as with the aid of a construction kit whole cities may be created in which every conceivable traffic situation may be simulated. A multitude of influential factors such as the weather, light onditions and other traffic participants such as motor vehicles, pedestrians or trams may be changed. The advantages of computer-supported learning media have been used for years with training of train drivers and pilots. Now that will be used for the driving test as well.

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